Hi, everyone.

I’ll be dropping a quick summary of the experience I had while taking the courses I offered in first semester.

Generally, all the courses you’ll be taking in first semester (same as second semester) are quite easy and you could easily have an A in all. If you can maintain the energy you used while you fought through to secure a deserving position in your respective department, then you’ll find the courses easy.

While some find them easy, they appear brusque to others. Why? The difference is diligence. So based on the experience I had, I’ll be dropping tips in each course.

PHY 102 – Mechanic and properties of matter.

You’ll be taken by two lecturers: Prof. Farai and one Prof. whose name I can’t remember. The course is quite easy to pass and it’s as well easy to fail.

Your excellence in this course solely depends on your understanding of the basic concepts of mechanics. You don’t cram mechanics. Study to understand and test your understanding with questions.

Solve enough questions; not just questions, solve any past questions you could lay your hands on.

Nota Bene: This doesn’t mean the same questions you solve will be repeated in the test. It only provides the idea of what you’ll be facing in the examination hall.

PHY 102, PHY 103, (PHY 105 & PHY 104 – second semester) test/exam questions carry 2 marks per question. So in your first test, expect 10 questions and 10 questions in your second test. For exams, 30 questions.

The sweet part is you can actually get all questions correct and of course, have your 40/40, but then you’ll have to be more than careful to detect traps in the options and be time conscious.

I believe we’d have had many 40’s in our set if we were more careful and accurate while answering the questions.

As easy as it is getting 40/40, it’s also easy to fail the course. Imagine missing 7 questions out of 20 questions, the implication is 14 marks is gone and one only has 26 marks to oneself (26/40) which is very risky as the nature of the exam is unknown. The exam questions might not be friendly, therefore gather enough marks in your test so you could sweat less while preparing for your examination.

PHY 103 – Heat & Thermodynamics.

Majority of us love this part of physics in our ordinary level Physics(O level Physics). And yes, many will fall in love with PHY 103 as a course as it is very easy to pass. You can easily have your 90+, that’s to show how easy it is.

Two lecturers will take you. The first lecturer will take you through the path of “Heat, Temperature measurement, Laws of Thermodynamics and what have you” and I do hope you’ll find the sojourn worthwhile.

The second lecturer will be dissecting Thermal Conductivity, Carnot Engine and co.

Just as PHY 102, all that you need to excel in this course is to have a perfect understanding of this course. Jacking slides alone isn’t enough as some parts of the slides aren’t explanatory, make use of an advanced textbook. I’ll recommend University Physics by Young and Freedman and Schuam’s Outline.

CHE 156 – Physical Chemistry.

This is basically the calculative part of chemistry. You’ll find yourself in the ocean of •Acid, Bases, & Salts • Reaction Kinetics • Thermochemistry • Electrochemistry • Gas Laws • Atoms, Molecules and I earnestly hope you’ll enjoy your diving. 

CHE 156 is over hyped. In this course, you’ll definitely hear rumours about its unfriendly nature – people claim it’s a mountain that is unsurmountable by students and so you don’t walk away with it easily. Well, I’m glad to tell you that with your diligence, calmness in the exam hall and God, your 90+ is certain. Just study smart and hard.

Here, you’ll need to study to understand too. I could remember in one of our test questions, we had a question with incorrect options. You’ll be instructed to write “X” in the box provided if you do not have your answer in the options provided. So in our test, there was a question like that and majority of people thought it’s a typographical error as the difference between what we had in the option and our answer was something one could assume to be a typographical error. We chose the closest answer and unfortunately we got it wrong. Those with 40/40 wrote “X.”

Lest I forget, due to the fact that we started with online classes, we only had a test for CHE 156 and the test was composed of 20 questions meaning 2 marks per question.

Lastly, I’ll say chemistry lecturers are good at explaining concepts to students except for a lecturer you’ll meet in second semester(Prof. Wood) who would only read slides for you. So, take note of their explanations. The way you calculate oxidation number of elements in O level chemistry is quite different from the way it’s done in UI. Please, attend classes.

ZOO 114.

It is no doubts that lovers of biology will find this course a walk over.

In this course, you’ll only write one test which will be germane – here, you’ll have to fill in the gaps provided. This shouldn’t create fear in your noble mind, I suppose. You only need to read the slides back-to-back.

Don’t study any other material apart from the slides released. Well, for understanding, you may have to resort to YouTube.

For examinations, study the test bank for a textbook named “Campbell Biology.” All of our exam questions came from the textbook. The set before us as well experienced such. If it’s to cram the answers, please do.

Lest I forget, one of the lecturers that’ll take you ZOO 114 is Dr. Latunji. He’s a very intelligent man. It’s not an “overstatement” to call him a stuffy man. He understands what he “teaches.” He’ll be taking you through a sojourn in the land of Genetics, DNA Replication, RNA and what have you.

Here, your utmost understanding is required. You’ll be learning how “tRNA carries babies(amino acids) at their back and forms a long chain of amino acids resulting into polynucleotides (DNA).

Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.


This deals with the study of classification and characteristics of invertebrates. It might seems as though you can’t recall anything after studying this course , worry not you  will recall when needed. Study it consistently, form short quiz questions after studying and constantly answer these short quizzes questions. The questions are multiple choice so you have nothing to worry about so far you study it well.

You can form mnemonics too to help you remember. Test questions will be 40 and exam questions will be 60. Solve a lot of past questions as well.

MAT 101 – Supplementary Mathematics.

Some students will be taking this course in first semester. Students from the department of Vet, Biochemistry, Pharmacy etc.

Aside CHE 156, yet again you’ll be taking another 4-unit course in first semester. Take this course serious, please. In our set, we had a change in lecturers as the lecturers that taught us were different from those that taught our seniors.

I don’t know what you’ve heard about this course, please, do not fret. You’ll walking through the land of supplementary mathematics with two lecturers and one whose I can’t forget is Mr. Daniel Chukwuedu. According to hearsay, he finished his PhD in UI and he’s one of the best students, so he was retained.

The man explains well. But try studying beyond what he taught in class and solve numerous questions online. Some people failed the course and will be retaking the course with you guys. Why did people fail? What I coils think of is the fact that our classes were online. We had two tests online, this afforded people opportunity to dub as some sourced for answers online, while some had their friends whose knowledge of mathematics is topnotch, around. The second test was cancelled and we had a final test shortly after our physical resumption. We were given 11 questions to answer in 45 mins.

While answering the questions, we were asked to show our workings and also write our answers in the spaces provided. Sadly, majority of people didn’t finish it up. We lay complaints, Mr. Daniel said and I quote, “he didn’t expect us to finish all within that short time and that he only expected us to solve about 7 questions.”

Unfortunately, in our set, out of 345 or so students that offered the course, only 26 students had A. Needless to say, the statistics given isn’t to scare you, but it’s to communicate to you why you shouldn’t joke with the course. Nevertheless, with a profound knowledge of O level further mathematics, your A is very possible and certain.

Lastly, you need God. The truth is, you can’t do it alone. While you do your part by studying hard, you need the grace and mercy of God to pass excellently.

People study and still fail. Why? I wouldn’t say they did not study enough, but what if their health resists stability during exam period? No doubts, they wouldn’t be in their best. As written in the book of Corinthians, “As Paul plants, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.”

Only God can crown your efforts.

While you’re in school, build a personal relationship with God. You need Him for easy walk in UI. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this before: You’re in an examination hall and you find it hard to solve a question and it is against your belief a around, what do you do? Ask God. He’s the omniscient God. It did happen to me in PHY 102, I was conscious of who I was in Christ and so, I asked the Holt Spirit to tell me the answer to a question and behold he did! This didn’t happen once as I tried it in other courses too. This and other things are what you will enjoy while you follow Christ. He could tell you areas to study for exams and tests. Yes! Build a relationship with Him so you could recognise His voice anytime He speaks.

Once again, welcome to the University of Ibadan, the unarguably first varsity and arguably, best university in Nigeria. I wish you a smooth journey as you journey in the land of UI.


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  1. Thank you so much for revealing this insight Dr Kernst! Could you please help create a course on PHY 102 & CHE 156?

  2. Wow! This is an eye – opener. In short UI is not kidding, you’ve got to be the best in what you do. Thanks, Dr Kernst.

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