No matter what level of schooling you are pursuing, these tips will help you make the most of your study time. It is not necessarily about working harder, but learning how to study smarter, that will yield the best results.

1. Study in bits

If you want your brain to process information effectively, try studying in short sessions rather than cramming everything into long sessions. Dedicate 30 minutes to studying before or after work. All-nighters are not effective, so start planning and reading early in the study period and make a study schedule.

2. Create an ideal study space

To create the ideal study space, it is important to gather all the books and items you will need ahead of time. This allows you to focus and better prepare your mind for study. Additionally, limiting distractions such as music with lyrics or social media can help you focus and stay on task.

3. Make enough sleep and exercise your priority

You learn more effectively when you are well-rested and alert, and even more so after you have exercised. Eating nutritious foods help to power your brain – such as fish, nuts, berries and yoghurt. Staying hydrated and taking breaks to move around also improve your 30-minute sessions.

4. Use flashcards

Taking concise notes by hand after hearing or reading new information is an effective way to store this information in your memory. A system like the Leitner System, which employs spaced repetition and longer intervals between review sessions, can be helpful in consolidating what you have learned.

5. Connect the dots

When you are consuming information, it can be helpful to try and make connections between the different pieces of information. This is called contextual learning. By grouping related information together, you will be able to better remember and understand the material.

6. Set goals

Make a list of learning goals and check them off when you reach them. Not only will it motivate you and give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also help you stay in control and reduce the stress of studying.

7. Test yourself

Practice tests are an honest thanks to see wherever you’re at and wherever you may have to focus. There are some nice templates that you will find on-line to assist with the structure. If you bump into one tricky thing in your readings, create a note of it and keep in mind to check yourself later for a challenge.

8. Aim to teach what you study

Tests have shown that individuals who concentrate on material to instruct it to other people, ingest the data more consistently than the people who are just reading up for themselves. A US review has shown that students who participated in peer learning scored fundamentally higher on a reading test than the students who had not, demonstrating the viability peer mentoring can have on scholarly accomplishment.

9. Read aloud and recall

Whether it’s without anyone else, with a companion or relative, read your cheat sheets and synopses without holding back. A convenient stunt is to shut your eyes and attempt to review what they say to assist with promoting concrete your central matters and contentions.

10. Lose the screen

A brain science teacher at the University of Leicester in England has viewed that it’s harder to remember what you’ve read when reading from a screen, rather than a book or piece of paper. So to stir up your review, try printing a portion of your lecture notes or online articles, and give those eyes a rest!

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