Hello ! My name is Boyejo Boyede. I am a TMTs Physics Tutor. From having 99 in my UTME Physics and 337 in the overall exam, I’d like share some study tips from my experience with UTME.

1. Have a Set Plan and Be Consistent

I know many students will probably frown at this because most people really do not follow plans, but the thing is, literally everyone you’ve seen succeeding planned their way to success. Even if they don’t have it written down, they must have thought of a particular pattern with which they’d work (they had a mental plan). So, you need to have a study plan that suits you.

A summarized sample of my study plan back then (6 months to exam day) looked like this:

  • 4 months of reading using the major textbooks like New School Physics and Modern Biology.

  • 2 months of revision using the smaller textbooks Lamlad and Past Questions.

2. Make Sure to Cover all Topics

Another thing to factor into your study is “leaving no stone unturned”. I know some students try to study topics that seem easier to them and leave out the difficult ones. The fact that you avoid those topics doesn’t mean questions won’t come from them in the exam. So, it’s best to read and cover up on ALL topics. During my preparation, I practically read all the topics in New School Physics and solved all the questions in All Inclusive because I was so scared of failing. Give all of yourself to your study.

3. Be Sensitive to your Progress

It’s not enough to just read, you have to know if your reading is actually working. During my preparation, I used to test myself using Jamb series every month, choosing random years to work it, say Physics 2009, Biology 2011, Chemistry 2007 and English 2010. I’d be honest with myself and attempt it as though I am in an actual exam setting. I was able to take four tests before my UTME back then and I remember recording the following scores : 306 in the first, 310 in the second, 321 in the third, 336 in the fourth. This is proof that scoring high isn’t random or by magic (scoring 306 in the first test also proves that I wasn’t exceptionally brilliant/prepared, I only worked on myself). Try to set up regular tests for yourself using the Jamb series or Jamb apps, and make sure to track your progress. This way, you will be able to tell if you’re doing well or if you need to make some changes.

4. Move at your Pace

This might sound weird but while I prepared, I tried as much as possible to avoid group brainstorms, reason being that most times I fail to get the questions asked because my friends might have read ahead of me or the questions might even be advanced and out of the scope of UTME. In all of your preparing, don’t try to read at another person’s pace (if it doesn’t work for you) or feel oppressed because someone is faster than you. As long as your plan covers all topics before exam day, then you’re still good to go.

5. Attend Tutorials

There is no success without competition. It might be you competing with yourself or you competing with others, but in all, there is always a form of competition. Attending tutorials would mean you get to meet with peers that are studying for the same exam you want to write and teachers with great wealth of experience. The competition from wanting to be the best can jeer you up to study harder or better, hence, increasing your chances of acing the exam.

This is not much, but coupled with your personal study, I believe it will aid your preparations. Wishing you success!! Click here to apply for our live lectures on WhatsApp.

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